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You’d like to learn more, but with so much information – where do you start?

Below are some hand-picked, relatively short resources.

(updated 8/15/2020)

The intention of these videos and articles is to offer you different perspectives. You may not agree with what you hear, however, I invite you to sit with these voices and be open and curious. Notice what arises and let it impact you. You may still not entirely agree with what is said, and, you also may have a richer understanding of the complex situation at hand.

Articles : General

Articles for White Americans

Articles for Asian Americans

Articles for Latinx Americans

General Material

My Introductory Articles

Intro Videos on Racism / White Privilege

Articles on Whiteness

Daily Self-Study Practice

Start a daily Mindful Diversity practice.

Find a time during the day where you can consistently do this practice. I do this in the morning. Have a journal or an app where you can journal. I use Evernote.


1) Watch a video / Read an article
2) Answer the following questions:

  • What have I learned?

  • How do I feel? What thoughts are present? What sensations are present (tension, heaviness, lightness)
  • What will I do differently with what I have learned? What action can I take?