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An Integral Approach
to Leading Across Difference

Many approaches that work with diversity and inclusion only address one or two domains of difference. All four domains are needed to see the invisible forces at play, effectively navigate difference, and create lasting impact.

Inclusion is also what complexity theory calls “complex”. When working with belonging and inclusion we need an approach that incorporates and understands complexity.

Coaches at Mindful Diversity teach our clients how to navigate all four realms by using tools informed by neuroscience, psychology, and complexity. Through executive coaching, conflict skills building, and body-oriented awareness, you and your team can become skilled at bridging differences, creating inclusive spaces, and helping people connect with confidence.

Domains of Difference

Collective / Relational
Collective histories and cultural power systems as well as our relational, communication, and conflict styles can greatly color our interactions. When we have differences in this domain, communication can break down and lead to ruptures in trust.

Our personal stories inform how we interpret interactions and situations. These stories are shaped by beliefs we absorbed through past experiences, our family, and the dominant culture. By becoming more aware of our internal domain we can better understand what is ours and what is not.

How our nervous systems respond to difference and conflict. Despite having innate reflexive responses that are outside of our control, with mindful awareness we can learn to state-shift to more conscious behaviors.

Our way of being is contagious to those around us. Learning to resonate a grounded and open presence instead of unsteady and closed one can greatly influence how we impact those we lead.

The Founder

Navigating two cultures (Japanese/American), two racial identities (Asian/White), and multiple disciplines (Design/Tech/Psychology/Spirituality), I became skilled at seeing the space between differences, something often overlooked.

The multiple worlds I come from — Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Counseling Psychology Master’s program,  New Ventures West’s coaching certification program, the Hakomi Method, IDEO, a meditation practice — have given me a unique multi-disciplinary perspective.

From these perspectives and many others, Mindful Diversity was born.

Join me in the in-between and learn to navigate that which connects us all.

Yours in belonging,
Angella Okawa

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