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Shining light onto your blind spots can be hard to do from within, and yet it is an essential part of the personal work that leads to lasting change. Harder still, not everyone is open to providing helpful feedback. It can be confusing when you have the best intentions, want to learn, and are not sure where to go for help.

I am available for personal consultation. I can be part of your personal board of advisors, supporting you in learning about difference.

I also work with various types of teams:

  • Affinity groups / ERGs
  • Leadership teams
  • Consultation groups
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Angella Okawa, MA, LMFT (#83306) works with individuals and organizations interested in cultivating a mindful and compassionate way of being with difference. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary background of psychology, design thinking and mindfulness, Angella has created a framework and toolset to de-polarize the diversity conversation. She has a coaching and psychotherapy practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Area. Papers on